Health Sciences Recharges

List of Health Sciences Recharge Facilities

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Facility Name Department Director Location Services
1.5 Tesla MRI La Jolla Radiology Anders Dale 8929 University Center Ln, La Jolla CA 92122 Provides capabilities for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies of human subjects, animal models, and biological specimens using a GE 9.1x Tesla system. [More Info/Rates]
2 Photon Laser Scan Facility Neurosciences Anna Devor MTF 352/253 Offers high-resolution microscopic (2-photon) imaging of live and postmortem samples and analysis of data. Includes photoactivation and FLIM microscopy. [More Info/Rates]
3 Tesla MRI Radiology Graeme Bydder 3T MRI Research Lab Building, 408 Dickinson Street, Room 110, San Diego, CA 92103 Provides recharge use of 3 Tesla GE Twinspeed MRI scanner. [More Info/Rates]
Anatomical Preparation Medical Education Scott Barton BSB B202 Provides human anatomical material to all labs at UCSD and to other approved users. Cremates and scatters the remains of all recognizable human anatomical material used at UCSD other than the Medical Center material. [More Info/Rates]
Anti Viral Assay Pediatrics James Connor Quantitative assay of pharmaceuticals and bio-markers in biological fluids and tissues by HPLC, LC/MS/MS, GC-MS, and immunoassay. De-novo assay development/adoption. Therapeutic drug monitoring support. CLIA-certified and GLP-compliant. [More Info/Rates]
Audio Visual Medical Education BSB 1103A Audiovisual support includes rental of A/V equipment and associated labor charges. [More Info/Rates]
Bio Statistics and Bioinformatics Laboratory School of Public Health Xin Tu ACTRI Provides biostatistical consulting and informatics services. [More Info/Rates]
Biochemical Genetics Lab Pediatrics CTF B213 Performs metabolic screening, amino acid analysis and organic acid analysis for patients in UCSD and non-UC medical institutions. [More Info/Rates]
Biomarker School of Public Health CTF A402 Provides specialized support to measure biomarkers in patients and in animal models of inflammation and autoimmunity relevant to rheumatic diseases. [More Info/Rates]
Biorepository and Tissue Technology Moores Cancer Center Steve Gonias MCC, Room 2245 F/G, 5314 M/N, CALM 1251 <ul> <li>Collection & Custodial Storeage of Human Biopecimens</li> <li>Human Biospecimen Distribution</li> <li>Animal/Human Histology</li> <li>Advanced Tissue Technology</li></ul> [More Info/Rates]
Biostatistics Moores Cancer Center Karen Messer Moores Cancer Center, Room 3037 Provides data analysis that is critical to the quality of scientific research. [More Info/Rates]
Biostatistics Research Center School of Public Health Sonia Jain MTF 165 Offers expertise in applied and methodological biostatistics collaborative research. Methodological collaborations include Bayesian statistics, Markov chain Monte Carlo computing techniques, and correlated data analysis for ordinal data. [More Info/Rates]
Cardiovascular Physiology Core Medicine Kirk Peterson BSB 5003, 5005, 5015 A small animal (mouse, rat, birds, etc.) cardiovascular physiology/microsurgery center, offering imaging (e.g. echocardiogralpy) and interventions, including (but not limited to) hemodynamics, aorticbanding, coronary-artery ligation, telemetric ECG/BP, and cardiac cell/gene transfer. [More Info/Rates]
Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CCBB) Medicine Katie Fisch Bldg 2 SOM 106 Provides investigators with core bioinformatics expertise to manage and analyze large molecular datasets, especially from next-generation sequencing. [More Info/Rates]
Center for Functional MRI Radiology Thomas Liu Keck Bldg Provides anatomical and functional magnetic resonance Imaging capabilities for animal and human subjects. [More Info/Rates]
Center for Management Science in Health Medicine John Fontanesi Provides direct workflow observations and interpretation of clinical encounters. [More Info/Rates]
Center for the Future of Surgery Surgery Santiago Horgan MET Lower Level Provides biomedical research facility for specific research and surgical training needs for the Department of Surgery. [More Info/Rates]
Center For Translational Imaging and Personalized Medicine Radiology Anders Dale CTIPM [More Info/Rates]
Class Notes Sales VCHS Nora Laiken [More Info/Rates]
Clinical and Translational Research Institute CTRI Gary Firestein ACTRI Services and facilities are available to UCSD investigators and investigators from partner organizations to conduct clinical research. [More Info/Rates]
Clinical Trials Office Moores Cancer Center Razelle Kurzrock MCC 2nd Floor The Clinical Trials office provides services to Principal Investigators to run their clinical trials. [More Info/Rates]
Comparative Neuromuscular Lab Pathology Diane Shelton BSB 2095 Performs unique diagnostic testing for neuromuscular disorders affecting domestic animals. [More Info/Rates]
Core Bio Services VCHS Dan Ronquillo BSB B305 Provides scientific products and services. [More Info/Rates]
Core Imaging Anesthesiology Tony Yaksh CTF C315 Supports training and use of a Leica TCS SP5 laser confocal system. [More Info/Rates]
CTRI Biostatistics CTRI Karen Messer ACTRI Building, 2nd floor, 2W 500-517 [More Info/Rates]
Dermatopath Dermatologic Immu Dermatology Richard Gallo 3525 John Hopkins, Room 239 Reviews lab specimens from Dermatology clinic. [More Info/Rates]
Diet and Physical Activity Shared Resource Moores Cancer Center Cheryl Rock MCC 2337 Dietary Assessment & Monitoring, Lab assessment using Biomarker Measurements, Dietary Counseling. [More Info/Rates]
Edcom Computing Medical Education Brian Webb MTF 265 Computer support includes server software license fees, hosting fees and programming charges. [More Info/Rates]
Electron Microscope Facility Cellular and Molecular Medicine Timo Meerloo GPL 218A Provides services such as routine morphology on ultrathin sections of plastic embedded material, immunogold labeling of ultrathin cryosections, and negative staining of small biomaterials and nanoparticles, utilizing two 120kv transmission electron microscopes. [More Info/Rates]
Exercise and Physical Activity Resource Center School of Public Health Kevin Patrick La Jolla Village Professional Center Suite B122 Supports high quality physical activity and exercise research through "state of the science" tools, services and consultation. [More Info/Rates]
Flow Cytometry Facility Moores Cancer Center Thomas Kipps MCC 2317-QQ Offers both self-operated and full service cytometry analysis. Cell sorting is offered as full service. [More Info/Rates]
Glycotechnology Core Resource Cellular and Molecular Medicine Biswa Pronab Choudhury Biomedical Research Facility 2 4243 Provides carbohydrate structural analysis, i.e. monosaccharide composition analysis of glycoproteins. [More Info/Rates]
Health Services Research Center School of Public Health Erik Groessl 5440 Morehouse Dr. #3500, San Diego, CA 92121 Provides services related to an instrument for assessing quality of life index. [More Info/Rates]
Histologic Biomarkers Pathology Steve Gonias CALM 1253 Comprehensive paraffin and frozen histology services. These services include tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, H&E staining, special stains, immunohistochemistry (IHC)/immunoflourescence (IF) and in situ hybridization (ISH). [More Info/Rates]
Histology Core Moores Cancer Center Alfredo Molinolo MCC 5314R Provides histological & immunohistochemical technical services. Interpretation of histopathological findings and confirmation of the neoplastic nature of a given sample and accurate pathological grading and staging. [More Info/Rates]
HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program Psychiatry Anthony Gamst 220 Dickinson Street, Suite B, MC8231 Provides research information services support and applications development including, consultation services regarding project/system architecture (aka non-recurring engineering), data and application hosting services (on-going services), web-based applications development and maintenance, and multimedia development and support. [More Info/Rates]
Human Embryonic Stem Cell Core Facility VCHS Karl Willert 2880 Torrey Pines Scenic Dr, La Jolla, CA, 92037, Room 1101 Dedicated to maintaining and characterizing established human embryonic stem cell lines, training scientists in the basic techniques to work with these cells, and providing laboratory space to conduct research on the cell lines. [More Info/Rates]
Human Research Protections Program VCHS Anthony Magit ECOB 1st Floor Provides full IRB review of new industry (commercial) sponsored clinical trials submitted to UCSD HRPP and Annual Full Committee review of active, ongoing commercial sponsored clinical trial (renewals). [More Info/Rates]
iDash Clinical Department of Biomedical Informatics Medicine iDash Cloud provides a HIPAA-compliant, private-cloud secure computing service for research on human subjects data. [More Info/Rates]
IGM Genomics Center Institute for Genomic Medicine Kristen Jepsen Leichtag 172 Provides a range of genomic services including sequencing, microarrays, and data analysis. [More Info/Rates]
In Vivo Imaging Radiology David Vera MCC B210 Provides high resolution images of live mice and rats based on a variety of intrinsic tissue properties and administered contrast media/reporters. [More Info/Rates]
Info Technology Services Moores Cancer Center Andrew Greaves Moores Cancer Center 2326 Provides information technology services to Cancer Center members. [More Info/Rates]
IT Facility The Center for Research in Biological Systems (CRBS) Mark Ellisman BSB 1000 Provides desktop support and business application support, including disaster recovery. Information Technology Support for large-scale data storage, computational science and research applications. [More Info/Rates]
Kevex System Radiology Robert Mattrey Hillcrest CT Exam Rooms Provides film processing & ultrasound scanning for minor and major experimental surgical procedures. [More Info/Rates]
Lab Support Services VCHS Dan Ronquillo Health Sciences Provides glasswashing, drying and autoclaving services to building occupants. [More Info/Rates]
Lipid Maps Lipidomics Core Pharmacology Dennis Edward BSB 4079 Provides lipidomic analyses and metabolomic profiling, data analysis, and bioinformatic services. [More Info/Rates]
Liquid Nitrogen Moores Cancer Center Sonia Ashley MCC B219 Provides and in house supply of LN2 that investigators pay based on their volume. [More Info/Rates]
Magnetoencephalography Radiology Roland Lee 3510 Dunhill Street, San Diego, CA, 92121 Provides access and expertise with an Elekta Neuromag™ MEG system. [More Info/Rates]
Microscopy Core VCHS Binhai Zheng CMME B004 Imaging resource for the UCSD research community featuring 2-photon, confocal and deconvolution capabilities for live cell imaging. [More Info/Rates]
Microscopy Shared Resource Moores Cancer Center David Hall CMME B004, MCC 5365 Provides a digital imaging and microinjection service to researcher, as well as use of a Zeiss microscope and Nikon A1R confocal/STORM system. [More Info/Rates]
Mouse Phenotyping Pathology Al Varki CMME 1080 Offers guidelines and some services, in order to proceed with a comprehensive investigation of genetically altered mice. [More Info/Rates]
MRI, MRS, Ultrasound Analysis Radiology Claude Sirlin 200 West Arbor Dr., San Diego, CA 92103 Provides quality assurance and analysis of MRI/MRE/MRS/Ultrasounds, and safety reads. [More Info/Rates]
Multimodal Imaging Lab Radiology Anders Dale 8950 La Jolla Village Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0841, STE C101 Provides neuroimaging services for research, including data uploads and archiving services through a web interface. [More Info/Rates]
Multiplexed Quantitative Proteomic Analysis Medicine BSB 4090, 4095F The center uses high resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometers and isobaric tandem mass tags to quantify whole proteomes from lysates or protein-protein interactions from immunoprecipitated samples. Currently the tandem mass tag technology allows for the analysis of 6-10 samples at once. The center will also uniquely offer target TMT-based proteomics workflows only recently establised in 2016 and 2017. [More Info/Rates]
Naviaux Lab Metabolomics Core Medicine Robert Naviaux Polar and Nonpolar Metabolomics. [More Info/Rates]
Neurocytology CRBS Mark Ellisman BSB 1000 Provides specialized equipment and training for morphological research in cellular neurology. [More Info/Rates]
NMR Facility School of Pharmacy Brendan Duggan PSB Room 0103 Provides nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy services for natural product, medicinal, chemistry and biomolecular NMR research. [More Info/Rates]
Office of Clinical Trials Administration VCHS Eric Mah ACTRI Provides services including billing for the Institutional Review Board, Clinical Trial Budget preparation and negotiation with commercial sponsors, professional consultation etc. [More Info/Rates]
PET Imaging Radiology Carl Hoh 11388 Sorrento Valley Rd, San Diego, CA 92121 Provides Positron Emission Tomography imaging at the UCSD Center for Molecular Imaging in Sorrento Valley. [More Info/Rates]
Pharmacology Service Moores Cancer Center Stephen Howell MCC 3345H-K Measurement of drug levels, assay development , pharmacokinetic modeling of data and quality control studies. A sample library and registration system are maintained for all samples passing through the laboratory. [More Info/Rates]
Professional Development Center Medical Education MET LL104 Provides a setting for medical student and physician assessment and curricular evaluation. Utilizes Standardized Patients (SPs) to teach and assess clinical skills, as well as the interpersonal skills and behaviors associated with being a physician. [More Info/Rates]
Radiation Medicine Moores Cancer Center MTF B167 Provides radiation facilities and radiobiologic expertise. [More Info/Rates]
Radioimmunoassay Lab Medicine Douglas Burton VA [More Info/Rates]
Radiology Imaging Laboratory Radiology Rebecca Theilmann 3510 Dunhill St, San Diego, CA, 92121 Provides magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies of human subjects, animal models, and biological specimens. [More Info/Rates]
Radiology Training Verification Fee Radiology 4094 4th Ave., Suite 200, San Diego, CA Provides certifying training verification for graduates of the Radiology residency and fellowship programs, for licensing boards, hospitals, state agencies, and other entities that require verification. [More Info/Rates]
RDCC-Animal Genetics Core Medicine Maripat Corr Stein 126C, 139 Facilitates the generation of essential strains of mice for research in rheumatic diseases. [More Info/Rates]
Research Compliance VCHS Old Town Makes available to the UCSD research community a variety of services including professional consultation in budgeting, billing, finances and research compliance. [More Info/Rates]
Stem Cell Genomics Core Medicine Jennifer Braswell Sanford Consortium The UCSD Stem Cell Genomics Core provides training, specialized equipment and service to individuals working on genomics research for stem cell applications. [More Info/Rates]
Telemedicine Building Medical Education Bobb Barile Telemedicine Building Rents out MET Building facilities primarily to internal customers holding fee-based events. [More Info/Rates]
Test Analysis Medical Education Brian Webb MTF 265 Test analysis support includes exam/survey scanning, processing and reporting (providing printouts). [More Info/Rates]
Transgenic Mouse Facility Moores Cancer Center Pam Mellon CMME 1061A Provides transgenic mice and knockout mice to researchers. [More Info/Rates]
VA Facility Radiology Amilcare Gentili VA Facility use and Angiographic series. [More Info/Rates]
Vector Core Human Gene Therapy Atsushi Miyanohara MTF 442 Develops and produces gene transfer materials for use in pre-clinical studies with potential for gene therapy applications. [More Info/Rates]
Visual Media Group VCHS Michael Sterner BSB B307 Supports educational and research projects. Provides services for promotional and special events programs. These services support programs for UCSD-TV, video news releases for broadcast distribution and web video. Additional services include remote videotaping and editing as well as duplication and conversion of digital formats. [More Info/Rates]

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