Health Sciences Recharges

Infrastructure Recharge Facilities

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For a listing of research Cores maintained by the general campus please click here.

Facility Name Department Director Location Services
Audio Visual Medical Education Anders Dale BSB 1103A Audiovisual support includes rental of A/V equipment and associated labor charges. [More Info/Rates]
Core Bio Services VCHS Dan Ronquillo BSB B305 Provides scientific products and services. [More Info/Rates]
Human Research Protections Program VCHS Anthony Magit ECOB 1st Floor Provides full IRB review of new industry (commercial) sponsored clinical trials submitted to UCSD HRPP and Annual Full Committee review of active, ongoing commercial sponsored clinical trial (renewals). [More Info/Rates]
Lab Support Services VCHS Dan Ronquillo Health Sciences Provides glasswashing, drying and autoclaving services to building occupants. [More Info/Rates]
Liquid Nitrogen Moores Cancer Center Sonia Ashley MCC B219 Provides and in house supply of LN2 that investigators pay based on their volume. [More Info/Rates]
Office of Clinical Trials Administration VCHS Eric Mah ECOB 128 Provides services including billing for the Institutional Review Board, Clinical Trial Budget preparation and negotiation with commercial sponsors, professional consultation etc. [More Info/Rates]
Research Compliance VCHS Roland Lee Old Town Makes available to the UCSD research community a variety of services including professional consultation in budgeting, billing, finances and research compliance. [More Info/Rates]
Visual Media Group VCHS Michael Sterner BSB B307 Supports educational and research projects. Provides services for promotional and special events programs. These services support programs for UCSD-TV, video news releases for broadcast distribution and web video. Additional services include remote videotaping and editing as well as duplication and conversion of digital formats. [More Info/Rates]

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