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Electron Microscope Facility

The Electron Microscope Facility provides an answer to the basic needs for plastic embedding and sectioning of biological and pathological specimens, for immuno-EM on ultrathin cryosections and for negative staining of small particles. The facility involves the researchers in viewing their own samples directly on the electron microscope, and to this effect it provides full training and full access for the independent use of the transmission electron microscopes to all users, ranging from graduate students to post-docs and PI’s.<br/><br/> The facility provides services such as routine morphology on ultrathin sections of plastic embedded material, immunogold labeling of ultrathin cryosections, and negative staining of small biomaterials and nanoparticles, utilizing two 120kv transmission electron microscopes.


Service Price Last Updated>
Axio Imager Use $20.00/hour 3/22/13
Cryo Ultramicrotome Use $35.00/hour 3/22/13
Electron Microscope Use $60.00/hour 3/22/13
Technical Assistance $60.00/hour 3/22/13
Ultramicrotome Use $25.00/hour 3/22/13

Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact the activity for further pricing details as well as proper procedures for service use.

Please note that listed rates are for UCSD researchers. For external customers a markup will apply. Please contact the facility for more information and outside rates.


  • 2 Leica UCT ultramicrotomes
  • 2 Reichert-Jung ultramicrotomes
  • FEI Tecnai Spirit G2 BioTWIN Transmission Electron Microscope
  • Gatan 792 (1k x 1k) on 35 mm port
  • JEOL 1200 EX II TEM

Last Update: 1/19/16

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