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Provides carbohydrate structural analysis, i.e. monosaccharide composition analysis of glycoproteins.


Service Price Last Updated>
2AB-Glycan HPAEC-FL $60.00/Profile 2/24/14
2AB-glycans (For HPAEC/ LCQ-MS/ MALDI method) $80.00/Modification 2/24/14
Additional analytical time (Per Hour) $45.00/Hour 2/24/14
Aditol Acetate $105.00/Modification 2/24/14
Anions Preparation $40.00/Preparation 2/24/14
Anions-IC $45.00/Composition 2/24/14
Bacterial Lipid Preparation $95.00/Preparation 2/24/14
Cellular Metabolite analysis $60.00/Profile 2/24/14
Consultation Time (Per Hour) $90.00/Hour 2/24/14
CPS Preparation $175.00/Preparation 2/24/14
De-O-acetyl $40.00/Modification 2/24/14
Direct infusion LCQ/MS (Per Hour) $90.00/Profile 2/24/14
DMB Sialic Acid $40.00/Modification 2/24/14
Fatty Acid Methyl Ester $60.00/Modification 2/24/14
Fraction collections by HPLC (Per Fraction) $30.00/fraction 2/24/14
GAG Preparation $50.00/Preparation 2/24/14
GAG-CS (For HPAEC-Post column derivatization method) $60.00/Modification 2/24/14
GAG-CS Post column derivatisation $60.00/Profile 2/24/14
GAG-CS/HS (For GRIL-LCQ-MS method) $80.00/Modification 2/24/14
GAG-HS (For HPAEC-Post column derivatization method) $60.00/Modification 2/24/14
GAG-HS Post column derivatisation $60.00/Profile 2/24/14
GC/MS - TMS $125.00/Composition 2/24/14
GC/MS AA $125.00/Composition 2/24/14
GC/MS-fatty acids $125.00/Composition 2/24/14
GC/MS-PMAA $125.00/Composition 2/24/14
Glycan Analysis -LCQ/MS $125.00/Composition 2/24/14
Glycolipid Preparation $70.00/Preparation 2/24/14
Glycopeptide Preparation $50.00/Preparation 2/24/14
LCQ/MS Single run no sample prep(Per hour) $80.00/Composition 2/24/14
LPS-I(Smooth LPS) Preparation $160.00/Preparation 2/24/14
LPS-II(Rough LPS) Preparation $180.00/Preparation 2/24/14
Maldi Annotation and Power Point Presentation (Per Slide) $15.00/slide 2/24/14
MALDI-TOF profile (No Sample Preparation-1h) $75.00/Profile 2/24/14
Metabolite extraction Preparation $50.00/Preparation 2/24/14
Method Development (based upon time and materials used) $30.00/variable 2/24/14
Monosaccharide-HPAEC-PAD $90.00/Composition 2/24/14
N-glycan $70.00/Preparation 2/24/14
N-glycan profile $60.00/Profile 2/24/14
NMR analysis upon request, Check for Pricing $0.00/ 2/24/14
Nucleotide sugar $80.00/Composition 2/24/14
O-glycan Preparation $60.00/Preparation 2/24/14
O-glycan profile $60.00/Profile 2/24/14
PM $80.00/Modification 2/24/14
PMAA $175.00/Modification 2/24/14
RP-HPLC of DMB-Sia (FL) $100.00/Composition 2/24/14
Sialic Acid-HPAEC Pad $90.00/Composition 2/24/14
Single HPLC run (No Sample Preparation-1h) $40.00/Profile 2/24/14
Sugar nucleotide Preparation $65.00/Preparation 2/24/14
Technical Assistance $65.00/hour 2/24/14
TMS $80.00/Modification 2/24/14
Total LIPID extract Preparation $110.00/Preparation 2/24/14
Uronic Acid -HPAEC-PAD $90.00/Composition 2/24/14

Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact the activity for further pricing details as well as proper procedures for service use.

Please note that listed rates are for UCSD researchers. For external customers a markup will apply. Please contact the facility for more information and outside rates.


  • Applied Biosystems QSTAR XL QqTOF Maldi-Mass Spectrometer
  • Dionex DX-500 HPLC
  • Dionex DX-600 BioLC
  • Dionex DX-600 BioLC equipped with a GP-50 quaternary gradient pump & AS-50 autosampler
  • Dionex ICS 3000-HPLC
  • Hewlett-Packard HP5890 series II gas chromatograph
  • ThermoFinnigan LC-Q ion-trap mass spectrometer

Last Update: 1/19/16

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