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Histologic Biomarkers

Comprehensive paraffin and frozen histology services. These services include tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, H&E staining, special stains, immunohistochemistry (IHC)/immunoflourescence (IF) and in situ hybridization (ISH).


Service Price Last Updated>
Cryostat Training $40.00/training 5/8/13
Cryostat Use $20.00/hour 5/8/13
H&E Stain a la carte $10.00/test 5/8/13
H&E Stain component $5.00/test 5/8/13
IHC (user primary) $30.00/test 5/8/13
In stiu (user probe) $35.00/test 5/8/13
Microtome Training $40.00/training 5/8/13
Microtome Use $15.00/hout 5/8/13
Pathologist $215.00/hour 5/8/13
Process and Embed $8.00/test 5/8/13
RNAse-free Slide add (+slide unstained) $5.00/test 5/8/13
Scope Use $10.00/15 min 5/8/13
Slide Unstained $7.00/test 5/8/13
Staining Station $4.00/15 min 5/8/13
Technician Troubleshoot-Consult $50.00/hour 5/8/13

Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact the activity for further pricing details as well as proper procedures for service use.

Please note that listed rates are for UCSD researchers. For external customers a markup will apply. Please contact the facility for more information and outside rates.


  • CM1850 Cryostat
  • EG1150 H+C Embedder
  • RM2265 Motorized Microtome
  • TP1020 Tissue Processor
  • Ventana Discovery Ultra IHC-ISH-Qdot automated slide stainer

Last Update: 5/11/18

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