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Mouse Phenotyping

Offers a comprehensive mouse tissue preparation service, investigator consultation, technical information and training, hematology, and coagulation phenotyping services, in order to complete a comprehensive microscopic investigation of mutant animal tissues, as compared to littermate control tissues. Highly-trained technicians provide the proper specimen orientation, tissue processing, microscopic slide preparation with special staining in order for the specially-trained pathologist (Dr. Nissi Varki) to accurately evaluate the histology and histopathology of these animal models. This assists the researcher (customer) to better understand how the pathologic processes in animal models leads to better management of human disease.


Service Price Last Updated>
Bleeding Time $50.00/service 4/18/13
Blood Collection for Chemistry Analysis $30.00/analysis 4/18/13
Blood Collection for Coagulation Analysis $40.00/service 4/18/13
Blood Collection for Hematology Analysis $20.00/analysis 4/18/13
Chemistry Analysis - additional analyte $7.00/analyte 4/18/13
Chemistry Analysis - basic panel $40.00/panel 4/18/13
Chemistry Analysis - comprehensive panel $60.00/panel 4/18/13
Chemistry Analysis - first analyte $20.00/analyte 4/18/13
Chemistry Analysis - lipid panel $40.00/panel 4/18/13
Coagulation - antiplasmin $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - antithrombin $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - aPTT $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - Factor II (prothrombin) $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - Factor IX $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - Factor V $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - Factor VII $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - Factor VIII $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - Factor X $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - Factor XI $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - Factor XII $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - fibrinogen $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - plasminogen $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - Protein C $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - PT $40.00/service 4/18/13
Coagulation - vWF $40.00/service 4/18/13
Consultation with Pathologist $167.00/hour 4/18/13
Consultation with Technician $56.00/hour 4/18/13
Hematology (CBC) Analysis $20.00/analysis 4/18/13
Platelet Aggregometry $50.00/service 4/18/13

Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact the activity for further pricing details as well as proper procedures for service use.

Please note that listed rates are for UCSD researchers. For external customers a markup will apply. Please contact the facility for more information and outside rates.


  • ST4 semi-automated mechanical coagulation instrument
  • Versa Max microplate reader

Last Update: 1/19/16

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