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Naviaux Lab Metabolomics Core

Polar and Nonpolar Metabolomics. We offer a NextGen Metabolomics option that targets over 610 metabolites from 60 biochemical pathways. Both polar analytes and nonpolar lipids are measured The method is implemented on an ABSCIEX 5500 LC-MS/MS platform with scheduled multiple reaction monitoring (sMRM) in both positive and negative ionization modes with rapid polarity switching in a single injection. Most biological sample types can be accomodated. These include heparinized plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, exosomes, cultured eukaryotic cells, cultured bacterial cells, and tissue biopsy samples. Advanced statistical and data visualization tools are available for comprehensive, in-depth analysis of metabolomic results.


Service Price Last Updated>
Consultation $172.00/ 11/9/15
Package #1 $275.50/ 11/9/15
Package #2 $500.00/ 11/9/15

Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact the activity for further pricing details as well as proper procedures for service use.

Please note that listed rates are for UCSD researchers. For external customers a markup will apply. Please contact the facility for more information and outside rates.

Last Update: 1/19/16

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