Health Sciences Recharges

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


  • Q: Can I start charging before my new recharge activity has had its rates approved?
  • A: No
  • Q: Can I bill quarterly?
  • A: Yes, in arrears.
  • Q: We have several potential users that are supported by non-UCSD funds, but also have UCSD appointments. Are they considered non-UCSD users or UCSD users?
  • A: The funding source drives the charge. They would be considered a non-UCSD user if the funding is a non-UCSD source.


  • Q: We are working on revising the rates for our recharge. The director wants us to set up a consulting rate for him, and also one for another person. Their salary rates differ greatly. Can we have two consulting rates, depending on who provides the service?
  • A: Yes

One-Time Service Agreement:

  • Q: Who do I contact if our recharge determines that a service agreement is appropriate for a non-UCSD customer?
  • A: Business Contracting: Robin Samit, 858-822-3474

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